The personal stories and information on this page were submitted by bladder cancer patients and do not necessarily represent the views of Bladder Cancer Canada.

David Guttman

I was born and raised in Montreal, graduated from McGill University in Agricultural science.

Moved to Toronto and worked for large corporations both in Canada and internationally. In 1982 I started a marketing company – Starboard Marketing Services. Had a great time with great clients like Ford, Rolex, Dell and GE. I sold the company in 2000 and shortly thereafter became a financial advisor.

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Jack Moon

I was born May 11, 1950, grew up in the Belleville area, graduated with an accounting degree RIA from UOT, in 1974. Lived in Montreal for 2 years, then moved to the Toronto area in 1973, working for a large international corporation where I was the Canadian President from 1986-1991. Since 1991 VP Sales with a distribution company in Mississauga. Now residing in Georgetown and married to Debbie for 41 years, my high school sweetheart, have been blessed with 3 grown children, and 2 grandchildren. My interests include golf, hockey, and now bladder cancer awareness and research.

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Tax Deductions Associated with Bladder Cancer

Charitable donations are absolutely essential to the day to day operation of any charity that is trying to raise funds for a particular purpose, whether or not they actually have paid staff. But every charity, including this one, has administration expenses, advertising costs, travel costs, printing costs, etc. There are limits imposed on Canadian charities for these costs and Bladder Cancer Canada is well within these limits.

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Why Volunteer for Bladder Cancer Canada?

Winston Churchill said: “We make a living by what we do, but we make a life by what we give.” Many of us spend our time working to earn a living and when we are done with that we are too tired to do anything else. Your work is part of your life, but it is not your life.

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Living with a Neobladder

Life with an orthotopic (“in the same place”) neobladder (“new bladder”) is almost the same as living with the bladder with which you were born - but not quite.
The original bladder holds on average about 500 ml of urine and needs to be emptied every three to four hours. Most people feel the need to empty the bladder when it is approaching half full. The original bladder has stretch receptors which signal the micturition reflex (to micturate is to urinate) which signals the bladder to contract.

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